Motion Brite

The Super-Bright LED Strip
That Turns On & Off Automatically!

  • MOTION ACTIVATED And Automatic Shut Off!
  • Features 8 State-of-the-Art SUPER-BRIGHT LEDs!
  • NO WIRES! Easily Install Anyhere You Need Light
  • REMOVABLE MOUNTING SYSTEM! Great For Emergencies!
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Features & Benefits

  • Motion activated – turns on when you need it, and off soon after you leave
  • Features 8 state-of-the-art super-bright LEDs
  • No wires – easily install anywhere you need light
  • Mounting system lets you easily remove and take it with you when you need portable light

Automatically Make Dark Places Bright Whenever You Need Light!

  • Great for all these places
  • Great for all these places
  • Great for all these places
  • Great for all these places
No more invconvenient lights you need to reach, and then press to turn on!

Introducing Motion Brite

In just seconds, you can install Motion Brite anywhere you need extra lighting, without wiring or switches. Motion Brite automatically turns on when you’re close by and turns off seconds after you leave. The best part is, Motion Brite’s 8 LED’s will keep shining for years.

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